Technical Advisory Board

Dr. Francis Manns

Dr. Francis Manns is specialist in Mississippi-Valley-Type (“MVT”) Lead-Zinc deposits. His past experiences include being a Senior Geologist at Northgate Exploration (Gold, Zinc, Lead, in Canada/Alaska) and a geologist with British Newfoundland Exploration Ltd. (Brinex) that was dedicated to exploration for MVT lead-zinc deposits in SE Newfoundland, where he managed the last major mapping and drilling program of the area, and he has explored for lead/zinc in Alaska and in Nunavut on Cornwallis Island, near the well-known Polaris lead/zinc mine.

Dr. Manns completed Ph.D. thesis at the University of Toronto on an MVT lead/zinc deposit in British Columbia and during this time was a Member of University of Toronto Research Group under Dr. Frank Beales investigating Mississippi Valley Type (MVT) lead/zinc deposits globally. Dr. Manns was also a co-discoverer of the Coral Zinc deposit in 1977 and has actively consulted on Minfocus’s exploration of the Coral Zinc Project in Northeastern BC. In addition to his technical experience, Dr. Manns was a Senior Manager, Compliance and Disclosure, Mining for the Toronto Stock Exchange and a Mining Analyst at Marleau Lemire Securities.

Richard Bedell Jr.

Mr. Bedell is a geologist with nearly 40 years of applied practical experience in international mineral exploration and mine-finding, with a strong geologic focus in Nevada. Most recently he was co-founder, Director, Technical Consultant, and past President of Renaissance Gold Inc., an exploration company focused on the Great Basin USA, which merged recently with EVRIM Resources Corp. to create Orogen Royalties Inc (CVG:OGN). Prior to Renaissance Gold, Mr. Bedell co-founded AuEx Ventures Inc. (“AuEx”), serving as Director and Executive Vice President while AuEx conducted its successful exploration on the Long Canyon Deposit in Nevada, ultimately merging with Fronteer Gold Inc. Mr. Bedell was a senior geologist with Homestake Mining Company’s global target selection team, and also worked with majors such as BP Minerals and Rio Tinto.

Mr. Bedell is a recognized expert in remote sensing and geo-spatial technologies, holding an adjunct faculty position at the Mackay School of Earth Sciences & Engineering University Nevada Reno. He advises NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab developing the next generation of Earth-observing satellites and has worked for the European Space Agency on geologic applications of radar.

Mr. Bedell graduated with a B.A. from the School of Natural, in Sciences & Mathematics, Hampshire College; a Master of Science in Economic Geology from the University of Toronto; and Master of Science in Remote Sensing and GIS from the University of London, UK. Mr. Bedell is a Certified Professional Geologist (CPG) with the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration and is also a Fellow of the Society of Economic Geologists, a member of the American Exploration and Mining Association and the Geological Society of America, as well as a founding member of the Geologic Remote Sensing Group. He is a past President and Director of the Geological Society of Nevada, and is also on the Board of the Society of Economic Geologists Foundation.

Mr. Neil Froc

Mr. Neil Froc is a geological engineer with extensive exploration and major project development experience.

His past experiences include being Project Manager at Wellgreen Platinum Corporation responsible for the technical and socio-economic development of the Wellgreen Nickel-Copper-PGE project in the Yukon and Executive Vice President of Hard Creek Nickel Corporation responsible for the technical and socio-economic development of the Turnagain Nickel project, and with Barrick Mine Management Inc. was Project Engineer during a six year exploration and development program at the Cinola Gold Project in British Columbia.

Mr. Froc has been responsible for the identification and acquisition of the Minfocus’ Peregrine Zinc Project in Eastern British Columbia and for the Myst Metals Nickel Project in Northern British Columbia. In addition, Mr. Froc brings extensive experience with First Nations consultations in the Yukon and British Columbia.

John Booth

John G. Booth B.Sc.(Hons), LLB, JD, LLM is an entrepreneur, corporate financier and director with over 25 years of international experience in financial services and natural resource investments.

A qualified lawyer (ON, NY & DC), he joined the tax group of the non-dollar derivatives desk at Merrill Lynch International in 1990. Two years later he co-founded the structured finance desk at ICAP. In 1993 he co-founded CEDEF Finance from which he exited in 1996 before joining ABN AMRO Bank NV as manager of financial engineering.  In 1998, he co-founded Midpoint (TSXV – MPT), the world’s first peer to peer foreign currency exchange and served as Chairman and CEO until the end of 2015.  From 2004-12 he was also a partner and fund manager at Conservation Finance International, an alternative asset management firm focused on structured finance deals around sustainable timber and carbon.  At different points he has also consulted to CIBC, the World Bank and Climate Change Capital (now part of Bunge Ltd) on strategies around Intellectual Property, Sarbanes Oxley and Carbon Adaptation.

Over the past 20 plus years, he has also served as non-executive chairman or director of various public and private companies and environmental charities.  He is currently non-executive chairman of Laramide Resources (TSX/ASX – LAM), and non-executive director of European Electric Metals (TSXV – EVX), Genius Resources (CSE – GNI) and CUB Energy (TSXV – KUB).  

Dr. Cynthia Coron

Dr. Cynthia Coron holds a PhD in economic geology from the University of Toronto, specializing in Mississippi Valley Type zinc-lead deposits, as well as a BSc. from The Ohio State University and an MSc. as an NSF Fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She completed her dissertation on the origin of the Newfoundland Zinc Mines deposit at Daniel’s Harbour, Newfoundland, based on three years of field work as a senior geologist for Teck/Amax, including surface, pit and underground mapping, core logging, stratigraphy and lithofacies distribution, ore petrography and isotope geochemistry.

She has investigated potential MVT prospects in NW Newfoundland, in the Appalachian Basin and Michigan Basin portions of the Niagara Escarpment (including the Bruce Peninsula for Texas Gulf Sulfur), and has done limited fieldwork at all major MVT deposits in the Appalachian and Ouachita Metallogenic Province.

Dr. Coron completed two field seasons for the Fallon Gold Syndicate (Paleoplacer gold, Teck-Cominco-Lynx) in northern Ontario, and one season exploring for epithermal gold in tectonic breccias in the Marjorie Lake area (Ontario) for Lynx Canada. After a 6- year stint as Senior Geologist for Amoco International in the Central and South America and Far East Region (Sea of Japan, Trinidad-Tobago, Ecuador, Indonesia), Dr. Coron accepted a post first at East Tennessee State University then at Stephen F. Austin State University and finally at Southern Connecticut State University. Dr. Coron is currently a Full Professor and the former Chair of the Department of Earth Sciences at Southern, where she maintains an active research interest in MVT deposits, Precambrian age bedded barite/white smoker deposits, and phreatomagmatism and hydrovolcanism in continental rift basins. She is currently serving her third term as the President of the Eastern Section of the Society for Sedimentary Geology (ESSEPM).